50 Best Jokes Ever - Jane Parks

50 Best Jokes Ever

By Jane Parks

  • Release Date: 2012-08-08
  • Genre: Humor
Score: 3
From 51,181 Ratings


Love jokes? Here's 50 of the best! All your favorites including the best "Yo Mama" jokes, "Knock, Knock" jokes and more ...


  • I like this book

    By jasmine12126(7
    This book was the best and the jokester really funny and it all made sense and they were they were funny because the people in my class they were laughing and they were reading books on my phone they were laughing hard and I hope y’all make another book but what 100 in there because them jokes were really funny I hope y’all make you more and if you make another one I’ll buy it because I’ve been driving getting books I have a whole lot of books I hope you make it like a lease with money this time so yeah can get money when people buy it this is not a book this is really me talking and I really hope that you make another one I’ll get there when it comes out it was better than the other books my school give out my school give out the fake books but this one was really rude I hope I hope next time we have a book fair I hope they give you out your books because that was really rude of my school to Give us The other books that the other people made please make another one I’m begging you
  • Horrible

    By someone funnier
    I could have written a book way funnier than this one
  • Ok I guess

    By mommmyndn
    It was ok.. Worth it👍🏻
  • Absolute garbage

    By Iansayre
    These are some of the worst, sure to keep you single and unemployed, jokes I've ever read. This was absurdly disappointing even for the price of free!
  • Good book

    By 2011 stl
    Good book
  • Was not Gud

    By Official_David
    This books jokes weren’t even corny they we just bad. If your a buzzkill then this is the book for you
  • Not funny

    By morasuperme
    I just opened it up to knock-knock the first one just corny not funny I could go on and on “ p.s the first knock knock joke don’t waste your time 😒
  • Jokes

    By oaktownbiz
    Not the best yo momma so fat they told her it was chilly outside ...she got a bowl!!!! Yo momma so stupid she thought a quarter back was a refund !!!!!
  • Bad, so bad.

    By Ty_Boe8888
    Not funny, humor for age 10-12.
  • Love Yo Mama jokes

    By SJSAus
    There are not many jokes in this book but I enjoyed most of what I read. I downloaded this for free so I thought it was worth four stars. Had I paid more than a couple of dollars I probably would have taken off a star or two.